Paraje de vigorta

Pocete, Vigorta, Carbonera

90 years
Average age of vines

Soid type

Location of most of the oldest vines in our winery. Very special as it lies on the banks of the Ebro river in sandy soil. This is a prime spot and, although only a limited quantity of grapes can grow here, the performance and age of these vines are of a high quality and are perfect for small-scale productions undertaken in our winery. Assuredly a fine grape, it enables us to produce the finest quality 'reservas', 'grandes reservas' and special wines, with the potential to age for many years in both barrel and bottle.

The Ebro snakes its way through the north of Rioja. Proof of this lies in the notable meanders created between Briñas and Haro or between Briones and San Vicente de Sonsierra. A snaking waterway that irrigates riverside woods

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