Ermita San Felices Gran Reserva

Ermita San Felices Gran Reserva

The vineyards are over 80 years old  and they are under the cliffs of Bilibio and near the Ermita de San Felices. Only produced excellent quality vintages.

Type of wine
«Gran Reserva» aged red wine

100% Tempranillo

Tasting Notes

Visual:  Deep intense black colour which stains the sides of the glass.

Aromas: An intense and defined nose which is complex, attractive and full of character has touches of amaretto sponge-cake, egg-yolk cakes, violet, vanilla, medicinal, roasted, cedar, tobacco and black fruit liqueurs.

Taste: On the palate it is attacking, with body and tasty acidity, excellent structure, balance and a long finish with a floral back-taste.


Serving suggestions: Good with grilled meat, stewed mushrooms and wild mushrooms, cheeks in wine, fried foie gras, sirloin in pepper sauce, red meats, beans and pulses, mature and semi-mature cheese, game in red wine, steak tartare and so on.

Temperature of consumption: 17ºC

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Hermitage of San Felices is a tribute to our people, our history and our roots.

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