Ermita San Felices Reserva

This range of wines pays homage to our past generations and the Patron Saint of Haro, San Felices.
Every June 29th, on the cliffs of Bilibio where the Hermitage is, take place a famous Battle of Wine. Wine selected by British Airways to serve in its first class and business class.

Type of wine
Reserva red


100% Tempranillo

Tasting Notes

Visual: intense bright cherry-red wine with lighter tawny hints.

Aromas: there is a concentration of aromas of ripe fruit and vanilla on top of spices and toasted bread.

Taste: Balanced in the mouth, there is a powerful backtaste and a long pleasurable finish to this elegant wine. It will open up and improve for hours in the glass. Great potential in the bottle.

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Ermita de San Felices es un tributo a nuestro pueblo, a nuestra historia y nuestras raíces, a las generaciones anteriores que fundaron y cuidaron nuestra tierra y consiguieron de ella lo que es hoy. Ahora nosotros continuamos este valioso legado que ellos empezaron y les rendimos homenaje con nuestros vinos.

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