Historia de Santalba

Historia de Santalba

Historia de Santalba represents the culmen of Santiago Ijalba career. After an entire life making high quality wines, Santiago closes the loop with this unique cuvee.


Type of wine

80% Tempranillo+20% Others

Tasting Notes

Visual: Deep intense black colour which stains the sides of the glass.

Aromas: An intense and defined nose which is complex, attractive and full of character has touches of amaretto sponge-cake, violet, egg-yolk cakes, vanilla, medicinal, roasted, cedar, tobacco and black fruit liqueurs.

Taste: On the palate it is attacking, with body and tasty acidity, excellent structure, balance and a long finish with a floral back-taste.

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Santalba is the fruit of the experience and the tenacity of our family. With pride, my name and the name of my family, sign each of the bottles of this winery, bearing with honor the name of Rioja for the world Salud!

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