Santalba Amaro

Santalba Amaro

This unique DOC RIOJA wine is made according with the ancient Italian winemaking process Amarone. Grapes from extremely old vines were harvested early October and dried for two months over straw beds to dehydrate and concentrate the sugar. Fermentation starts in January lasting for almost two months.


Type of wine
Unique red

80% Tempranillo+20% Others

Tasting Notes

Visual: Deep and dense intense black color which stains the sides of the glass.

Aromas: bold aromas of cherry liqueur, black fig, carob, cinnamon and plum sauce along with subtle notes of green peppercorn and chocolate.

Taste: Medium acidity balanced with high alcohol and flavors of black cherry, fig, kirsch, brown sugar and chocolate.


Ideal with roasts, game, braised meats and mature cheeses (manchego, mature parmegiano reggiano,…) and charcuterie. Risotto all’amarone, Beef braised in amarone, Duck cooked in balsamic vinegar, Robust pasta dishes are some of our suggestions.

Temperature of consumption: 17ºC

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Santalba is the fruit of the experience and the tenacity of our family. With pride, my name and the name of my family, sign each of the bottles of this winery, bearing with honor the name of Rioja for the world Salud!

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