Santalba Carbonic Maceration

Santalba Carbonic Maceration

Since time immemorial, wine has been a fundamental part of our Land. Our grandparents before us and their grandparents before them knew how to make wine, a skill acquired by experience and through family tradition.

Carbonic maceration is the ancient method of winemaking using uncrushed grapes, which produces very floral, fresh wines with intense colour that are easy to drink in “long sips” as we say around these parts.

Type of wine

100% Tempranillo

Tasting Notes

Visual: Light Deep red color with purple tones.

Aromas: floral nose, raspberry, thyme and lactic.

Taste: Red fruit explodes across the palate thanks to phenomenal acidity.

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Santalba is the fruit of the experience and the tenacity of our family. With pride, my name and the name of my family, sign each of the bottles of this winery, bearing with honor the name of Rioja for the world Salud!

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