The wine club

Bodegas SANTALBA offers clients a way to get to know better the wonderful world of wine.

The Bodega will send directly to you its offers of exclusive wines, of guided tours of our facilities and of personalized wines. All these with excellent conditions and no long term commitment: it is all about you having a special experience for just as long as you want.

We offer two options :

Friends of Santalba Club

With no additional commitment on your part, you can acquire some cases of wine we feel to be perfect for everyday consumption and we will deliver it to your home in the best possible transport conditions. The contents of these cases (always 12 bottles) will vary according to dispatch dates, in accordance with the time and season of the corresponding year. For example, in the summer you will receive a selection of refreshing, fruity wines, including whites and rosés. By contrast, in winter we will send you reds, 'crianzas' and 'reservas'.

The dispatch dates for each case will coincide with the change in season (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) and they will arrive at your home in the best transport conditions. Sign up for the offer at any time and receive your 4 cases as each of the 4 seasons after your registration comes around.

The overwhelming advantage of this service is that you can enjoy these fantastic cases of wine at just 199 Euros/year. Just think, you could take advantage of a per bottle (48 in total) price that is far below market prices and inclusive of transport costs. So, you can sign up to our service whenever you wish and for this price you will receive the corresponding four deliveries from the date of your reservation. Feel free to extend your membership and receive the next year's worth of cases.

For further or call 941 30 42 31

Cofradia Santalba de la Barrica

BODEGAS SANTALBA has created the COFRADÍA SANTALBA private wine club. We are giving you the chance to be a Member, with the intention of sharing and enjoying a very special wine from a different, unique and highly advantageous perspective. During the harvest and wine-making process, particular batches are selected based on their quality, character and special nature, which we would like to offer our Members.

These batches of wine - in the current vintage amounting to just 47 barrels (some 225 litres each) - come from grapes in very special vineyards which are representative of the Rioja Alta region where Bodegas SANTALBA is based. In some cases, these are very old vines; in others, the plots are at a significant level above the sea; there are even grapes from pre-phylloxera vines planted in sand. In any event, this is a wine that is sure to be the very best in our Winery and therefore we want to offer it to our Members first and in unbeatable conditions.

Download the contracts from the attached links and receive bespoke information on 941-304231; or by email from:

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